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Oakleigh Eye Centre was started by Dr. Robert Norman Mellor in the 1970s. It was a completely different era for specialists as most were located in Collins Street. Being a pioneer in his field, Dr. Mellor recognized that patients wanted specialist medical treatment outside the CBD. The Oakleigh Eye Centre has been part of the local community for more than 40 years.

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Pensioners holding a valid pension card are charged $110 for an initial consultation and get the majority (about $73) of this back from Medicare. Subsequent consultations for pensioners are charged at $60 which is also claimable from Medicare. Procedures for pensioners may involve an out of pocket expense.

Patients holding a valid Veterans Gold Card are bulk-billed for all consultations and procedures.

All other patients are charged $150 for an initial consultation and $80 for a subsequent consultation. The cost of procedures will vary depending on the item number.

Emergency patients may be charged a premium charge above regular fees depending on the condition at the discretion of Dr Steiner.

Workcare and Transport accident patients should arrange payment for consultations and procedures with their employer or TAC before seeing Dr. Steiner or else should be prepared to pay for the consultation and claim later.

We ask that your account is settled on the day of seeing Dr. Steiner. We accept cash, all major credit and debit cards and cheques. If you are uncertain about the cost of any consultation or procedure you should ask our reception staff or Dr. Steiner beforehand.
Referral if required. Any relevant tests, X-rays or glasses if you have them. Your current Medicare, Gold or Pension card if you have them.
Medicare requires all patients who see a specialist to have a valid referral so that they can claim the maximal rebate from Medicare. Your local Doctor or Optometrist can give you a referral. Please bring the referral along to your appointment or arrange that it is available at the time of the consultation.
For an initial appointment you should set aside 2 hours as your pupils may need to be dilated or some ancillary tests may need to be done.
We make the best effort to run to time. However each patient requires and needs an unpredictable time for a consultation or procedure. If you are concerned about the time of your appointment please ring and speak to our receptionist.
You may drive after your appointment but you may need to be dilated which can impair your driving for a variable time. We have ample parking on site so you can leave your car safely until you are confident in your driving ability. Generally, it is safer to bring a driver or be dropped off and picked up. If you have any concerns please ask our staff and doctors for advice.
There is plenty of free off-street parking available on site.
There is a gentle ramp to facilitate wheelchairs and walkers.

135 Warrigal Rd.
Hughesdale (Oakleigh) 3166

03 9568 7706

03 9568 4498

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